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Adventurers.dk is a Danish fan-created website to honour my favourite LEGO® line: Adventurers. And also to provide information about another cool adventure theme: the LEGO® Indiana Jones™ line. This site is designed, owned and maintained by Kecia Hansen, who owns the right to all contents on this site unless otherwise stated. No copying of contents allowed without permission.

On this site, you will find lots of LEGO® Adventurers and LEGO® Indiana Jones™ related stuff, however this site is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by the LEGO® Group in anyway.

So what do you find on this site? Well, first of all, you'll find information about all the released Adventurers and Indiana Jones™ sets from LEGO® Company. You'll also find product news (Whenever there are any!), links to LEGO® related sites and the brickportal forum board, where it is possible to take part in discussions about Adventurers, Indiana Jones™ and LEGO® in general. There are also some Adventurers creations of my own to look at. But try exploring the site yourself...

Building with LEGO® elements is creative, fun and an adventure into a world of fantasies. Whether you're a kid or an adult, building with LEGO® is a wonderful experience. Try it!

Adventurers - the greatest adventure of all time!
Kecia Hansen, Adventurers.dk.

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Adventurers.dk supports the LEGO® fair play policy.

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