Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
2 sets. Released from December 2008 and onwards. Temple of Doom is the second of the classic Indiana Jones movies. It's from 1984. Indy experience his most occult and frightening adventure. Barely escaping a violent fight in a Shanghai night club, Indy crashlands in the Indian wilderness. Here he reveals a scary order, who uses the kids from a remote village as slaves in a fortress-like mine. Indy has to save the children and avoid becoming a slave of the murderish cult of religious fanatics. With him in his breathless attempted rescue, Indy has his little helper, Short Round, and a reluctant nightclub singer, Willie Scott. The movie action takes place in 1935 and includes the ultimate rollercoaster mine car chase...

7199 The Temple of Doom™
Danish name: The Temple of Doom™

Released 30 June 2009
Ages 8 - 14
652 Pieces, 6 minifigures
799 DKK, 90 USD, 74 GBP, 89 Euro
7682 Shanghai Chase
Danish name: Shanghaj-jagten
Released December 2008
Ages 7 - 14
244 Pieces, 5 minifigures
329 DKK, 30 USD, 25 GBP, 37 EUR






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