Adventurers Minifigure Heroes
Here you can find images of all heroes from the Adventurers line, and information about which sets they appear in. There are several heroes, but the main characters are Johnny Thunder, Miss Pippin read and Professor Kilroy.

Johnny Thunder
Also Known As: Sam Grant, Joe Freeman

Johnny is a full time adventurer from the Land Down Under (Australia!). He is brave, instinctive, determined and very creative. He always finds a way to solve problems and help people in need.

Johnny Thunder

As a fulltime professional, Johnny has been on many expeditions:3020, 3055, 5900, 5903, 5911, 5918, 5919, 5934, 5938, 5956, 5958, 5975, 5976, 5978, 5986, 5987 and 5988. He has even starred in two LEGO® Studios movies 1355: Temple of Gloom and 1370: Jurassic Park III™ - The Raptors Rumble.
Johnny's India outfit.

With the launch of Orient Expedition, Johnny received a new outfit. Also his face were changed. He only wears this green/tan outfit in India: 7410 and 7418.
Johnny as a Pilot

When Johnny flies in his Red Eagle airplane (7422), he wears trousers without any pockets!

In Mountain outfit.

When Johnny went to Mount Everes he needed a new warm outfit. So this
is what he looks like in: 3380, 7415 and 7417.

Johnny in China.

Johnny returned to his standard tan/black outfit when he went to China: 7413, 7418 and 7420. But using the new face.


Miss Pippin Read
Also Known As: Pippin Reed, Gail Storm

Pippin is a globe-trotting reporter for the international publication "World Magazine". Headstrong and sometimes argumentative (she doesn't like men telling her what to do just because she is female), she sometimes puts herself in danger...but she has plenty of courage and smarts to get herself out of danger, too!

Pippin in desert outfit

Miss Pippin wears this
nice desert outfit when
she is on expeditions in
the desert. She has filmed two photo-documentaries about Egyptian temples and the search for the
large Re-Gou ruby: 5978 and 5988.
Pippin in jungle outfit

Miss Pippin wears her jungle outfit when she
goes on Amazon Jungle expeditions. She likes
this outfit so much, that she even wears it on expeditions to Dino Island! She has made a number
of photodocumentaries about these expeditions including: 5905, 1271, 5936, 5986 and 5987.
Miss Pippin as pilot

Miss Pippin took a pilot's license, just in time for the expedition to Dinosaur Island. Her license even allows her to fly large twin engined aircraft! She used this opportunity to fly the 5935 Island Hopper, filming dinosaurs from the air.

Pippin as actress (1354)

Miss Pippin is a very busy lady. When she is not on expeditions or working for World Magazine, she
works as an actress at LEGO® Studios! She wears this outfit in movie 1354: Attack of the Dino-

Pippin as actress (1370)

When the LEGO® Studios decided to make movie 1370: Jurassic Park III™ - The Raptors Rumble, it
was only natural to cast Miss Pippin as an actress, because of her vast experience from the Dino Island expedition. Hence, she is wearing this outfit in the movie.

Pippin in India

With the launch of Orient Expedition, Pippin received a new outfit. Her face has changed from previously too. She wears this outfit in India when riding the Elephant Caravan 7414.

Mount Everest Pippin

Pippin wears this Mountain outfit, when the Expedition reaches Mount Everest. When examining a small shrine she accidently unlocks the door to the
Yeti's cave in 7412

Pippin in China

Pippin has many, many skills. In China she's wearing this outfit, when driving the Adventurers'
half-track car to the Dragon Fortress 7419.

Professor Kilroy
Also Known As: Dr. Lightning, Dr. Kilroy, Professor Titus

Professor Kilroy is a famous archaeologist and an expert on everything from ancient cultures to dinosaurs. Although he is getting along in years, Professor Kilroy is willing to follow any adventure, no matter how dangerous or where it may lead. His intellect solves as many riddles as Johnny's bravery and physical strength.

Professor Kilroy

In charge of the National Museum, Professor Kilroy is frequently seen on new excavations sites. He has
been in Egypt: 2995,
5958, 5978, 5988, and 5948, 5909, 2879. He's been to the Amazon Jungle: 5956, 5976 and 5986. And he's been on Dino Island: 5904, 1280, 5913, 5934, 5975 and 5987.
Kilroy in India
Like the other Adventurers minifigs, the professor
also received a new outfit and updated face for the India Expedition. So this
is what he wears riding the elephant in 7418.
Kilroy in 7411

For some mysterious reason Kilroy doesn't wear his usual green trousers in one of the India sets, when finding the Sunstone in 7411.

Mount Everest Kilroy

Professor Kilroy wears this mountain outfit in the Mount Everest sets: 7415 and 7423. Apparently he doesn't freeze even though his jacket is unbuttoned!

Harry Cane
Also Known As: ?

Harry Cane is an experienced aviator who can fly just about anything in the sky! He used to work for the Adventurers until Johnny Thunder and Miss Pippin Read received their own pilot's licenses.

Aviator Harry Cane

Harry Cane has been flying a lot of different aerial vehicles during his life. In Egypt he has been flying the 2542, 3022, 3039, 5948, 5909, 2879 and the 5988. He also went to the
Amazon Jungle where he was flying the 5925, and 5956. It is not known where he has been working since year 1999.

Also Known As: ?

When going to Dino Island, the Adventurers hired a young assistant, Mike, to help out. He is a very valuable assistant since he has lots of skills, and those skills come in handy, in particular when it comes to sailing a boat/ship.

Young helper Mike

This is the way Mike looks on the expedition to Dinosaur Island. He
is a hard-working young man, and has participated by sailing the Adventurers ship in 5975, searching
Dino Island's swamps in 5912, as a general help in 5987 and using his flying skills in 1281 and 5921.

Also Known As: ?

Babloo is a brave Indian boy, with the talent for talking to animals. He has a special band with his monkey, Pampa and the elephants he take care of. He also helps Johnny and his friends on their adventure in the dangerous Indian jungle.


Babloo wears this particularly colourful Indian outfit when riding his elephant in 7414. His people are freed when the Adventurers find the Sunstone.

Sherpa Sangye Dorje
Also Known As: ?

Sangye Dorje means "Thundering Lion" in Tibetan. Sangye Dorje is a young Tibetan Sherpa, or mountain guide. He knows the mountains well, though is less comfortable when flying among the clouds in the Aero Nomad. He helps out Johnny and his friends when they get to Mount Everest.

Sherpa Sangye Dorje

Sangye wears this very nice outfit when going to the Mount Everest Temple 7417. The sherpa hat appeared for the first time in the Mount Everest sets.

Jing Lee
Also Known As: ?

Jing Lee is a Chinese martial arts expert and freedom fighter. Her father was shot (though he survived) for opposing the rule of the false emperor, Chang Wu. She becomes a friend and a great help to Johnny and his fellow adventurers.

Jing Lee

Jing Lee is definitely one of the nicer minifigs. She appears in two sets: 3382 and 7419. Her fighting abilities come in very handy when helping out the Adventurers!






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