Orient Expedition (India)
5 sets. Subtheme of Orient Expedition released January 2003 (actually the first four were available through Shop at Home before Christmas 2002). 7422 being released June 2003. Orient Expedition is the fourth theme of the Adventurers line and the second largest when it comes to the number of sets released. It takes the Adventurers through India, Mount Everest and China searching for famous explorer Marco Polo's greatest treasure: The Golden Dragon. On their way they search for clues in the shape of the Golden Shield in India, the Golden Sword at Mount Everest and the Golden Helmet in China. The Adventurers even free the Indian boy Babloo's people by finding the Sunstone! By giving the shield, sword and helmet to The Wanderer - an armored Chinese warrior, they get two Golden Keys in return, to unlock the doors and get to the Golden Dragon at the Dragon Fortress.

7410 Jungle River
Danish name: Junglefloden
Released 2003
Ages 6+
65 Pieces, 1 minifigure
70 DKK, 8 USD, ? GBP, ? EUR
7411 Tygurah's Roar
Danish name: Tygurah's brøl
Released 2003
Ages 6+
94 Pieces, 1 minifigure
100 DKK, 10 USD, 8 GBP, 13 EUR
7414 Elephant Caravan
Danish name: Elefantkaravane
Released 2003
Ages 7+
102 Pieces, 3 minifigures
200 DKK, 20 USD, 15 GBP, 25 EUR
7418 Scorpion Palace
Danish name: Skorpionpaladset
Released 2003
Ages 8+
355 Pieces, 5 minifigures
499 DKK, 50 USD, 40 GBP, 60 EUR
7422 Red Eagle
Danish name: ?
Released 2003
Ages 6+
30 Pieces, 1 minifigure
25 DKK, 4 USD, 2 GBP, 4 EUR






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