Original LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Sets
On June the 18th 2007, The LEGO Group announced that it had secured the exclusive construction category rights to Indiana Jones. At the same time the release of eight Indiana Jones LEGO building sets were announced. Four of them would be based on the three classic movies, with another four based on the new fourth movie. All of these sets were to be released in 2008. Further sets have emerged since that first announcement.

The original movie trilogy are from the 1980's. The new Indy IV movie will be out in 2008. Names of the first three movies were: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Los Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The name of the fourth movie is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The action (mostly) takes place during the 1930's. The fourth movie takes place in 1957 though.

As an Adventurers fan I absolutely love the Indiana Jones movies. They're truly classic adventure movies. So I was pretty excited when I first learned about these LEGO sets. Unfortunately it also means the end of the LEGO Adventurers line though, which is really sad. But Adventurers were originally based on Indiana Jones anyway.

I plan to get all of the Indiana Jones set for my LEGO collection. There are already info about some sets here, and more will follow as the sets are being released!

The images found at this site are mostly scanned from my own sets' building instructions. The exceptions being some images from sets I don't have. Some of images may not be of the best quality. I will try to get better images in the future, hopefully getting hold of some of those sets that are missing from my collection. There are also some additional Indy set pictures. These are ©The LEGO Group.

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