Indiana Jones Hero Minifigures
Indy is obviously the main character of the Indiana Jones movies. But on his numerous adventures he is usually accompanied by one or more allies. Here you can read more about those hero characters that have been LEGO'fied.

Indiana Jones™
Also Known As: Indy, Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr., Jonesey, Dr. Jones, Junior

Character Biography: Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. (born July 1, 1899), also known as Indy, is a professor, archaeologist, and adventurer. He is the main character of all the Indiana Jones movies. Jones is notable for his trademark bullwhip, fedora, leather jacket, and fear of snakes. He is also the son of Professor Henry Jones, Sr. and Anna Jones. He is the father of Mutt Williams. Marries Marion Ravenwood in the fourth movie.

The character is most famously played by Harrison Ford; however, he has also been portrayed by River Phoenix (as the young Indiana in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Corey Carrier, Sean Patrick Flanery, and George Hall (in three different stages of his life-- as a young boy, a teenager, and a 93 year-old, respectively in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles).

In addition to his film and television appearances, the character has been featured in novels, comics, role playing games, video games, and other media.

Indiana Jones

If adventure has a name...
it must be Indiana Jones! An archaeologist, adventurer and world traveller, Indy has journeyed across the
globe in 7196, 7198, 7620, 7621, 7622, 7623, 7624, 7625, 7626, 7627, 7628 and 20004 in search of hidden treasures, lost cities, and legendary artifacts. Most of what he seeks is priceless - and some possess powers so great they must not fall into the wrong hands! His real name is Dr. Henry Jones, Jr., but his nickname is "Indiana" (the name of his childhood dog). Since Indy travels to many dangerous spots, he need to be ready for anything! Indy normally wears a fedora hat and a brown leather jacket, allthough he also puts on disguises when he needs to. He carries a pistol and a bullwhip. His whip can be used to knock objects or weapons out of enemy's hands, to help Indy swing across chasms, or to help him climb up steep slopes.
White Tuxedo Indy

Indy usually wears his adventure outfit when
going on adventures but in the 7682 car chase he wears this nice white tuxedo after paying a visit to the Club Obi-Wan in Shanghai.
Indy (Venice)

Indy wears this nice suit when he's going to Venice in Italy where he takes part in the 7197 Venice Canal Chase.

Indy (Cairo)

This is Indy's Desert suit, and he wears this outfit when visiting Egypt, including when he's ambushed in Cairo (in 7195).

Indy (Temple of Doom)

Indy also wears the desert outfit in the 7199 Temple of Doom, but the tan coloured right arm sleeve has been ruined, so he has a flesh coloured arm in stead.

Marion Ravenwood™
Also Known As: Marion, Mary Williams, Marion Ravenwood Williams

Character Biography: Marion Ravenwood first met Indiana Jones through her missing father, Dr. Abner Ravenwood, who has mysteriously disappeared. Abner was also an archaeologist and once took Indiana under his wing, until Abner found out about Indy and Marion's relationship. Indiana Jones abandoned Marion and Abner for ten years, until he resumed his relationship with Marion while pursuing the Ark of the Covenant.

Marion, in the meantime, was the owner of a seedy bar, The Raven, located in Nepal, where she kept the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra, an instrumental object in locating the Ark, given to her by her father, which she called "my medallion".

Since Indy and Marion's pursuit and eventual location of the Ark, details about her were unknown. She reappears in the fourth movie however as Mary Williams. She is the mother of Mutt Williams. Marries Indy in the fourth movie.

Marion Ravenwood

Before becoming an archaeologist, Indiana Jones studies at the University of Chicago, where he met Marion and her father Abner Ravenwood. But it was not until many years later that Marion and Indy met again, this time on a mission that took them both to Egypt in 7621 to discover a priceless artifact. It was during this trip both of them ended up in the lost tomb known as the Well of Souls.
Marion Ravenwood

Marion reappears in the fourth movie, where she is also known as Mary Williams. She plays an active part in the movie. She wears this outfit in 7625.
Marion (Cairo)

Marion wears this outfit in Cairo. Despite defending her self with a frying pan, she's kidnapped in an ambush in 7195.

Mutt Williams
Also Known As: Mutt, Henry Jones the Third

Character Biography: Mutt is the son of Indy and Marion. He has a very curious and adventurous side, not to mention a great appetite for thrills. The Williams name comes from his stepfather Colin Williams, who previously married Marion. He is pretty good at fencing, and always carry his trusted knife. Played by actor Shia LaBeouf in the movie.

Mutt Williams

Wearing a leather jacket and carrying a switchblade, Mutt seems more like a street fighter than what he is - a brilliant youth with a wide range of skills. And he'll need every skill he has when he crosses swords with Irina Spalko. He appears in 7196, 7624, 7627 and 7628.


Professor Henry Jones Sr.
Also Known As: Henry Jones, Sr.

Character Biography: Professor Henry Jones, Sr. is Indy's father. He is a bit silly, and easily ends up in trouble. Yet he is still smart. He is played by actor Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.....

Professor Jones

Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. is Indiana Jones' father. He is a professor of archeology and an expert in medieval literature and artifacts. He has recorded many of his most important, life-long studies in a small, secret diary. He and Indiana Jones use this book to help them find secret treasures. However, enemy soldiers want the book and will chase Henry and Indy in 7198 and 7620 to get it!

Short Round™
Also Known As: Shorty

Character Biography: Short Round is an 11 year old taxicab driver in Shanghai. Shorty was born in 1924 and named Wan Li by his parents. His family were killed when the Japanese bombed Shanghai in 1932. Despite attending a christian school, he still respects Chinese mythology, and believes a baby elephant that transports him in India to the Pankot Palace is really a recarnation of his brother Chu. Short Round first met Indiana Jones when he tried to pick Indy's pocket. However, Indy did not turn him into the police. Instead he took him in and decided to make him his sidekick. Shorty followed Indy on all of his adventures dispite his age. Shorty is usually seen wearing his grey baseball cap. He is always telling Indy "You listen to me. You live longer", and does not usually call Indiana Jones, Indy but "Dr Jones" instead. Shorty immigratesto the United States with Indiana Jones following the adventure. Short Round is played by Jonathan Ke Quan in The Temple of Doom movie.

Short Round

Short Round wears this outfit in 7199 and 7682 where he participates in the chases. He has short legs to resemble his young age.

Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott
Also Known As: Willie, Willie Scott™

Character Biography: Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott is an American singer. She works at Club Obi-Wan in Shanghai, where she first meets Indy. She's a damsel in distress type of female, screaming and worrying about her fingernails and so on. Willie is about to be sacrificed at the Temple of Doom. She is lowered into a hot pit but is rescued by Indy and Short Round. Willie Scott returnes to the United States following her adventure. What happens to her then, is not known. She's played by actress Kate Capshaw in The Temple of Doom movie

Willie Scott

As a singer Willie wears this nice dress when she sings at Club Obi-Wan. Which is why she looks like this in the 7682 car chase.
Willie Scott (Temple)

Willie travels with Indy and Short Round to the Temple of doom, where she wears this interesting outfit in 7199.

Also Known As: Jock the Pilot

Character Biography: Jock is a friend and helper of Indy, and pilots the seaplane when Indy manages to escape from the Hovito indians in Raiders of the Lost Ark. He has a pet snake named "Reggie". He is played by actor Fred Sorenson in the movie.


Jock is a skilled pilot who flies Indy to exotic lands in search of treasure. When Indy escapes from the temple in 7623, he is chased by natives and barely makes it to Jock's plane in time.





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