Indiana Jones Villain Minifigures
The Indiana Jones movies have a lot of villains. None of them appear in more than one movie though. The LEGO Indy sets obviously contains a number of these villains. Here you can read more about them.

Dr. René Belloq
Also Known As: Belloq

Character Biography: Dr. René Belloq, the nemesis and thorn in the flesh of Dr. Indiana Jones is an unethical archeaologist who will do whatever it takes to gain his fame and fortune. It is clear that Dr. Jones and Dr. Belloq were aquainted previously, though it is not known how. Perhaps they were archeaology students together. One thing is for certain, Belloq is well know to Jones as being a deceitful player. And Belloq will pay for this with his life. Belloq is played by actor Paul Freeman in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


René Belloq is a French archaeologist and rival of Indiana Jones. Belloq searches the globe for artifacts. Unlike Indiana Jones, who gives his findings to museums, Belloq keeps them for him self. Belloq often lets Indy do the dirty work and then steals the price from him - as he did with the Golden Idol in 7623.

German Soldiers
Also Known As: Guards, Bad Guys

Character Biography: Unlike the soldiers in the movies, these guys don't wear German Army uniforms, but wear generic outfits. They are usually not even being called soldiers by The LEGO Group, but are named "Guards" or "Bad Guys". Note that the figures all have flesh coloured hands, not brown, as shown for some of them here...

Jeep Driver

On his many dangerous quests, such as 7622,
Indy often run into evil people who wants to steal ancient treasures for their own gain. Allthough they might outnumber Indy, his skill, his friends and his trusty whip always help
him get away.
Machine Gunner

This soldier is a professional machine gunner, who mans the jeep's MG in 7622.
Truck Driver

This soldier drives the truck in 7622, where he tries to kill Indy...

Motorcycle Rider

Another German soldier. On his motorcycle, he chases Indy and his father in 7620.

Shanghai Gangsters
Also Known As: Gangsters, Thugs

Character Biography: These are Lao Che’s gun-toting thugs. In the Temple of Doom movie, they chase Indy, Willie and Short Round in a wild car chase.

Shanghai Gangster

One of Lao Che''s Goons.
A very bad looking guy indeed. He participates in the Shanghai chase,
driving the car in 7682.

Shanghai Gangster

Another of Lao Che's thugs. This guy looks like a mad scientist (!) as he chases Indy and his friends through the streeets of Shanghai in 7682.

First Mechanic
Also Known As: Airplane Mechanic, Mighty Mechanic

Character Biography: This guy is a big strong muscle man, who can also fix airplanes. Played by actor Pat Roach in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie.

First Mechanic

This is the big bad German mechanic who fights Indy on the 7683 Flying Wing.

German Pilots
Also Known As: Flying Wing Pilot, Fighter Plane Pilot.

Character Biography: The Flying Wing Pilot is supposed to fly the The Ark out of Egypt onboard the Flying Wing in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Of course, Indy and Marion makes sure he never gets the chance to do so. The Fighter Plane Pilot tries to kill Indy and Henry during an aerial dog fight in the Last Crusade.

Flying Wing Pilot
Fighter Plane Pilot

This skilled German Pilot can apparently fly anything in the sky, since he flies the Flying Wing in 7683 as well as the Fighter Plane in 7198.

Cairo Swordsman
Also Known As: ?

Character Biography: This guy is part of one of the most famous movie scenes ever, in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Apparently actor Harrison Ford (Indy) was sick when the film crew was shooting this scene, and the scne was changed from a big fight to Indy simply shooting the swordsman.

Cairo Swordsman

Takes part in the Cairo ambush on Indy and Marion in 7195. He has exceptional skills with a sword, but Indy doesn't want to fight him, and simply shoots him in stead.

Cairo Thug
Also Known As: Cairo Henchman.

Character Biography: Arab thug who takes part in the kidnapping of Marion in Cairo.

Cairo Thug

Takes part in the Cairo ambush on Indy and Marion in 7195.

Elsa Schneider™
Also Known As: Dr. Elsa Schneider, Elsa.

Character Biography: When Indy goes to Venice searching for his father, he meets Henry's colleague Dr. Elsa Schneider, an Austrian art professor. She seduces the Joneses to trick them. She eventually turns out to be working for the Nazis. In the end Elsa falls into an abyss during a greedy attempt to recover the Holy Grail and dies. Played by Actress Alison Doody in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Elsa Schneider

Elsa helps Indy in the 7197 Venice Canal Chase.

Mola Ram™
Also Known As: ?

Character Biography: Mola Ram is an evil high priest, and the leader of the Thuggee cult at Pankot Palace. The cult is in possession of three of the five Sankara stones, and have enslaved children to mine for the final two stones, which they hope will allow them to rule the world. In one final struggle against Mola Ram for the Sankara stones, Indiana invokes an incantation, causing the stones to glow red hot. Two of the stones fall into a river, while the last falls into and burns Mola Ram's hand. Indiana Jones catches the now-cool stone while Mola Ram falls into the river below and is torn to pieces by crocodiles. Played by Actor Amrish Puri in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Mola Ram

Forces Indy to drink a potion called the "Blood of Kali," which places Indy in a trance-like state called the "Black Sleep of Kali Ma". Willie, meanwhile, is kept as a human sacrifice, while Short Round is put in the mines to labour alongside enslaved children. Our three heroes fianlly escapes after a mine cart chase in 7199.

Temple Guards
Also Known As: Thuggees.

Character Biography: These evil helpers are part of Mola Ram's Thuggee cult.

Thuggee Guard

Helps Mola Ram in 7199.
Chief Guard

Helps Mola Ram in 7199.

Russian Soldiers
Also Known As: Russian Guards, Russian Commandos

Character Biography: These russian soldiers appear in the fourth movie. The LEGO company refers to them as "Russian Guards". Note: On boxpictures the heads of these guys are switched to the opposite of what's shown in the building instructions! Played by various actors in the fourth movie.

Russian Soldier

The Russians commandos that serve under Colonel Dovchenko were hand-picked for their experience, loyalty and combat skill. From the desert of Nevada to the jungles of Peru, these soldiers will stop at nothing to achive their goals. This soldier appear in 7625 carrying different accessories. In 7626 he carries just a rifle.
Russian Soldier

This Russian soldier appear in 7625 with a MG and in 7626 where he drives the Jungle Cutter.

Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko
Also Known As: Irina Spalko

Character Biography: Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko is an agent of the KGB. She's born and raised in Ukraine. She has psychic powers, and is feared by most. Joseph Stalin himself was so impressed by her that he personally recruited her for his dream project: psychic warfare research. She has been awarded the Order of Lenin, the highest decoration in the Soviet Union, three times for outstanding services rendered to the State, and the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labor for exceptional achievements in the national economy and culture. She's a very skilled fencer and combatant. Her weapon of choice is a rapier. Spalko is an infamous leader, with a cruel disregard for innocent casualities. Spalko desires the use of the Crystal Skull of Akator to brainwash and manipulate the minds of American forces, giving the Soviets a tactical advantage in the Cold War. In 1957, she leads a group of special forces in the search for the Crystal Skull of Akator. Competing with Indiana Jones, she goes to Peru to retrieve it. Lusting for the knowledge the Crystal Skull containes she is overcome by it and drawn into another dimension. Played by actress Cate Blanchett in the fourth movie.

Irina Spalko

This Russian agent is an expert on psychic abilities and the power of the mind, plus a skilled fighter with a sword. Bautiful, cunning and ruthless, she leads a secret force of Russian commandos on a mission to find the Crystall Skull and harness it's power to achieve Soviet domination of the world! Her skills has been very useful on a number of occassions, in her search for the Crystal Skull of Akator, such as 7624, 7627 and 7628.

Colonel Antonin Dovchenko
Also Known As: Dovchenko

Character Biography: Irina Spalko's right hand. Commander of the Russian Soldiers. Brutal villain, but gets what he deserves in the fourth movie. Played by actor Igor Jijikine in the fourth movie.

Colonel Dovchenko

A battle-hardened career soldier, Colonel Antonin Dovchenko has been a ruthless fighter for the Soviet Union in battles across the globe. His devotion to his government and his reputation for toughness and combat skill make him the ideal choice to lead Irina's commando squad. Dovchenko wears this nice outfit in 7626 and 7628.







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