Adventurers Minifigures
The Adventurers line includes several different minifigures.

The Heroes
The heroes are adventurers. They go on expeditions searching for valuable treasures. The main hero figure is Johnny Thunder (who is clearly inspired by Indiana Jones), but his close friends Pippin Read and Professor Kilroy has played vital roles in every Adventurers theme so far. I have to say Pippin is my favourite minifigure, although I like just about all the minifigs! Our three friends haven't been alone though. They've received help from various other figures as time has past by. Only one helper has taken part in two themes though - Harry Cane helped out, both in the Egyptian Desert and Amazon Jungle expeditions.

The Villains
Only one villain has taken part in all Adventurers themes so far, although using different names. Mr. Hates is the arch rival of Johnny Thunder. He is always out to steal the treasures before the heroes can hold of them! In every theme he has hired different criminal helpers, including some really nasty looking ones!

The Others
Usually there have also been special minifigures, playing the role of treasure guardians. The exception being the Dino Island theme, where dinosaurs take over that role.

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