Other Adventurers Minifigures
Apart from the heroes an villains, the Adventurers line also have a number of other minifigures. You can find images and information about all of them here.

King Pharaoh the Third
Also Known As: Pharaoh Hotep

The pharaoh guards tombs agains treasure robbers. He becomes awake whenever someone is trying to steal the valuable treasures.


Colourful mummys like this one, has been found on the following excavation sites in the Egyptian desert: 2996, 3021, 1183, 5958, 5978, 5988 and 9377. Scientist presumes that they were once powerful Pharaohs reigning all of Egypt. You should be very careful if you happen to stumble across one of these.

Also Known As: ?

Skeletons are the remnants of ancient Pharaohs or treasure hunters who lost their lives, getting caught in one of those many deadly traps! So be careful out there whenever you begin a new adventure!

Old type Skeleton

Who knows, who these poor fellas used be. They have been found at
several locations like 5936,
5948, 5909, 2879, 5976, 5986 and 5988, usually because they have been unlucky enough to be caught in a deadly trap.
Skeleton (Colour)

This Skeleton has been found on locations 2995 and 5919. It wears a yellow headpiece with blue
stripes, indicating that this skeleton once was a Pharaoh!
Skeleton (Yellow)

This Skeleton was found inside a small temple, when it was opened.
It is wearing a yellow headpiece without stripes. The headpiece indicates, that this once was a Pha-
raoh. The temple's location is now known as excavation site 5938.

Skeleton (White)

Wearing a white Pharaoh headpiece, this Skeleton was found inside a
sarcaphagus on excavation site 5978. The headpiece indicates, that this may once have been a Pharaoh!

New type Skeleton.

The facial look of the skeleton was changed with the release of Orient Expedition and now looks like this. The new skeleton appears in the 7409 tomb.

Also Known As: ?

Achu is one of the most colourful minifigs in the Adventurers line. This native indian lives in the Amazon Jungle.

Achu - Ruler of the Jungle

Nothing much is known about this native South American, since he has only been seen on a few occasions. Rumours are, that he is guarding the temple sites at locations 5906, 5976 and 5986. Seems to be
peaceful, unless you try to steal
artifacts from the ancient temples in the jungle.

Also Known As: ?

Gabarro isn't the brightest guy around. He makes a living offering his services to anyone willing to pay him. Hence he has worked for both the Adventurers and the villain Señor Palomar!

Gabarro the Sailor

As a sailor, Gabarro wears this distinctive outfit, when he goes to work. Taking people up and downthe Amazon Jungle rivers, he has sailed a big ship in 5976 and a smaller boat in 5986. Has not been seen since 1999. It is not known
where he is, or if he is still alive.

The Wanderer
Also Known As: ?

The Wanderer is an armored Chinese warrior. He is a statue that comes alive when given the three golden treasures of Marco Polo - The Golden Shield, Golden Sword and Golden Helmet. In return The Wanderer gives back two Golden Keys that can unlock the doors at the Dragon Fortress and give access to The Golden Dragon.

The Wanderer

The Wanderer appears in only one set: 7419. He is all gray, even his face! He guards the entrance to the Goden Dragon, and is always armed.




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