Original LEGO® Adventurers Sets
A total of 72 Adventurers sets with their own set numbers has been released since 1998. Some sets have been sold as kits combining two or more set though, but without a specific set number. The Adventurers line can be divided into four themes: Egyptian Desert, Amazon Jungle, Dino Island and Orient Expedition. Orient Expedition can even be divided into three subthemes: India, Mount Everest and China. The minifigures Johnny Thunder and Pippin Read has also appeared in a three Studios sets. The action takes place during the 1920's and 1930's, a time where there were still much to be explored.

As an Adventurers fan I obviously love all four themes. And anything that has to do with the adventurers! But most people generally regard Egyptian Desert as the theme with the best sets so far.

I have most of the Adventurers sets in my LEGO® collection. Although, where some sets with the same contents have been released under two or three different set numbers, I may only have one of those. The sets I don't have are: 3020, 3021, 3022, 3722 and 5909. All of these have been released under different set numbers, which I do have. There might also be sets in special Kabaya promotional packaging that I don't have. These LEGO models are the same as in the regular versions of the sets though.

The images found at this site are mostly scanned from my own sets' building instructions. The exceptions being some images from sets I don't have. Some of images may not be of the best quality. I will try to get better images in the future, hopefully getting hold of some of those sets that are missing from my collection.

You can read more about all the Adventurers sets by clicking the theme cards in the menu.





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