Adventurers Minifigure Villains
These are the "baddies". There have been several of them so far, trying to make life hard for the adventurers. The villain to appear in most themes is Mr. Hates, although he's been using different names over the years!

Mr. Hates / Sam Sanister / Lord Sam Sinister
Also Known As: Ulrich Unhold, Baron von barron, Baron von Baron.

Mr. Hates is Johnny's arch enemy. He is selfish and evil, with no limits to his ambition or greed. He has a huge private collection of ancient and valuable treasures from around the world and is always on the hunt for more. Known as Mr. Hates in the Egyptian Desert theme, Sam Sinister in Dino Island and Lord Sam Sinister in Orient Expedition.

Mr. Hates as pilot

Mr. Hates used to be known as Baron von Barron or Baron von Baron, when he was flying his heavily armed 5928 bi-plane. He did not want to be less distinguished though, than famous World War I fighter ace - the Red Baron, and
thus he took his own aviator name!

Mr. Hates/Sam Sanister

Mr. Hates is a villain, and has been the man behind several crimes:
3722, 5948, 5909, 2879, 5978 and 5988. He changed his name to Sam Sanister before he went to Dino Island, but this didn't
fool the Adventurers - They new it was him! Even so, the crimes continued at 5914, 5955, 5975, 5987.

Mr. Hates as driver

Mr. Hates is probably the most wanted criminal in the world (except Ogel). When he drives his small buggy in 2541, he does not wear his uasual shoulder epaulettes. This way, the buggy will not be so heavy, and he can
thus drive faster!

Sanister as race driver

Sam Sanister used to be an excellent race driver at the Grand Prix circuits. It
is not known though, whether he cheated to get all the good results! He wears this outfit, when he drives his Island Racer in 5920.

Lord Sinister - Orient

For the Orient Expedition theme Mr. Hates changed his name to Sam Sinister. He now wears this black and gray outfit in 7414, 7418, 3381, 7409, 7416, 7419 and 7424. His face is also different from earlier on.

Sam Sinister as pilot

Sam Sinister wears this pilot outfit when he flyes his airplane to the Temple of Mount Everest in 7417, trying to get hold of the Golden Sword before the Adventurers.

Also Known As: Sam Sinister (before Mr. Hates took the name)

Slyboots is Mr. Hates' criminal partner in the Egyptian Desert, helping Mr. Hates robbing as many tombs as possible for treasures. He always carries at least one weapon and is a pretty good car driver.


This respectable looking guy is wanted by the police for interrogations regarding crimes commited at
the 2996, 3023, 5938, 5958, 5978, 5948, 5909, 2879 and 5988 crime
scenes in Egypt. He is known to handle guns well, but has hidden himself in an unknown place since

Señor Palomar
Also Known As: ?

Amazon Jungle is the only theme that Mr. Hates isn't part of. Instead the main crook is Señor Palomar, a South American who leads a gang of bandits, that don't hold back on stealing anything valuable.

Señor Palomar

Badly wanted by the South American police, suspected of criminal actvity at crime scenes 5936, 5976 and 5986. There are some reports,
that he is now in the United States, where he has been connected to a train robbery. Be very careful, and contact the police immediately, if you happen to see him.

Rudo Villano
Also Known As: ?

Rudo villano is certainly the meanest looking of any villains the Adventurers have encountered so far. He is good with guns, and is Señor Palomar's closest criminal partner.

Rudo Villano

Rudo Villano is extremely dangerous and needs to be handled with extreme caution. He is wanted for crimes commited at 5901, 5902, 5956, and 5976. He usually travels by foot, making it very difficult to track him down, since he leaves no trails behind him. Always carry a rifle. Whereabouts unknown.

Alexis Sanister
Also Known As: ?

Alexis is the sister of main villain Sam Sanister, who took her along on the Dino Island expedition. She watches the villains' camp where she also takes care of the cooking. She also helps out as a driver though.

Alexis sanister

Pretty but dangerous, she took part in her brother Sam Sanister's Dino Island
expedition. She has been connected with crimes commited at 5955 and
5975, and is wanted by the police. Her whereabouts are unknown at present.

Mr. Cunningham
Also Known As: ?

Being a game hunter Mr. Cunningham obviously handles guns well and knows how to catch animals. Always in need of money, he had no problem in teaming up with Sam Sanister for the Dino Island expedition.

Mr. Cunningham

Hired by Sam Sanister, Mr. Cunningham is used to move around the world's savannahs. He is a good
driver, which came in handy at 5955. He also has a very useful pilot's license, which he has used extensively in 1279 and 5987. Wanted by the police, suspected of crimes.

The Maharaja Lallu
Also Known As: ?

The maharaja is a greedy and ruthless Indian tyrant. He joins forces with Lord Sinister in the search of the treasure of the Scorpion's Palace - all the while unaware that it is hidden in his palace the whole time.

Maharaja Lallu

The maharaja wears this traditional Indian outfit and lives in the Scorpion Palace (7418). He is disliked by Babloo's people.

Palace Guard
Also Known As: ?

The Palace Guard is loyal to Maharaja Lallu, and will obey any order from the Maharaja. The Maharaja uses his men to suppress Babloo's people.

Palace Guard

Guarding the Scorpion Palace, the guard wears this colourful uniform in 7418. Guards always carry a weapon and shield.

Ngan Pa
Also Known As: ?

Ngan Pa is a greedy and ruthless Yeti hunter. He is happy to help Lord Sinister for a share of the treasure hidden in the mountains.

Yeti Hunter Ngan Pa

Ngan Pa always carry a weapon, and is good with guns. Being experienced with travelling in the mountains, he leads Sam Sinister to the Golden Sword in 7417.

Emperor Chang Wu
Also Known As: ?

Chang Wu is a greedy an ruthless Chinese mandarin. He seized control of the city of Xi'an and rules it with an iron fist and a large force of bodyguards. He is known as "the false emperor" by those over whom he rules, such as Jing Lee. He is another of Lord Sinister's partners in crime.

Emperor Chang Wu

Although powerful, The Emperor seldom ventures out of his fortress 7419, since he is disliked by all local residents. In my mind this is definitely the minifig I like the least, of all minifigs released in the Adventurers series so far.

Chinese Bodyguard
Also Known As: ?

These are the men of Emperor Chang Wu. Although not to bright they are still very dangerous and extremely loyal to the Emperor. They always travel at least two and two together whereever they go, to make sure they can project overwhelming force at any time.

Chinese Bodyguard

Chang Wu's Chinese bodyguards wears this Gray and black uniform in 7416 and 7419. They are always well armed making them a dangerous opponent at any time.






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